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Timesheets with blackberry

I make a lot of phone calls each week so it would be really nice if I could organize these calls somehow so I can use them for later reference, archiving and for creating timesheets. I tried a couple of products that looked promising. In this post I will describe 2 of them, including the one I am using right now.


Price: 9,25 euro ($9,99 USD)

This application just isn't usefull, maybe even useless. It's just too much work to fill in a new timesheet.
You have to go to the menu for 5 times to select the project, client, rate, task, call or event. The application won´t pop-up after a phone call and feels really unlogical.

I deleted the program after 10 minutes.


Price: 13,85 euro

The application does wat it needs to do, but only covers the basics. The application asks after each call to fill in notes about the call but it would have been nice if it would support adding it to a category also.

The application can send the report in html, doc, csv or xls to a e-mail adres every day or on demand.

The servicedesk from BlackTrack is a advantage because I had a issue with blacktrack one day and the servicedesk responded fast and was helpfull.


Altough BlackTrack is the application I am using right now I am not convinced this is the best solution for my needs.

What I really would like is that the daily mail is sent to SharePoint where it is processed and used for further reporting and maybe even automatically would fill in my timesheets in our legacy system. Yeah that would be great.

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