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File share analysis with DriveSight

Posted by Alexander Ketelaar

As consultants we often get the question to migrate file shares to SharePoint. This blog will describe the functionalities of a free tool to analyze the file share before migrating. This tool, called DriveSight, is an excellent tool for getting a first impression about the file share.

Because you need to pay lots of attention to user experience after migrating to SharePoint (prevent that life gets harder for the users) I will work on a separate blog post about this subject.


Open items in dimmed layer from CQWP

Posted by Alexander Ketelaar

When you query list items with the Content Query Web Part you sometimes want to open it in a dimmed layer instead of a new full page. This is much more user friendly.

I found out it is really easy to achieve this functionality. So what we want is:


And when we click a item this is opened in a dimmed layer:



Translate the SharePoint UI

Posted by Alexander Ketelaar

In a previous post I showed the possibility to set another language for the UI and how to export the names of list, content types, etc to translate these to a target language.

If we want to translate not only the default UI elements (done with language packs) or content (done with variations) but also user-specified text such as field names, site name, etc. we can export these terms to a translation file.


SharePoint 2010 BCS Office Item Types Properties

Posted by Alexander Ketelaar

 I was searching for a list of the properties that you can map in the external content type to office items. Since I couldn't find this list I created a excel sheet with all the possible fields you can use.


You can download the sheet here


Creating a plugin for BCS in Outlook

Posted by Alexander Ketelaar

 In this post I will describe the BCSPackagingTool and BCSArtifactGenerator tools from Microsoft. These tools can create artifacts for building a outlook plugin.

This plugin will use the Business Connectivity Services (BCS) from SharePoint to connect to a external system, in this example a SQL but it could als be a CRM, ERP of whatever application.


Multi language SharePoint site

Posted by Alexander Ketelaar

Within SharePoint you have multiple types of multi language. One of them is the MUI (Multilanguage User Interface) which will translate the interfaces into different languages based on the user preferences.


Installing the SharePoint 2010 CMIS Connector

Posted by Alexander Ketelaar


Microsoft has released a CMIS connector for SharePoint 2010. In this post I will show you how to install this connector and show some of its functionalities. In another blogpost I will demonstrate the integration with e.g. Alfresco and a CMIS client.

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