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Multi language SharePoint site

Within SharePoint you have multiple types of multi language. One of them is the MUI (Multilanguage User Interface) which will translate the interfaces into different languages based on the user preferences.

The available languages are depending on the installed language packs.

To configure MUI you first have to go to the site settings and select language settings


In the user menu there will appear a new option:”select display language”.


In the site sittings are 2 new options:
- export translations
- import translation


You can select if you only want to export untranslated strings, this makes it easier to see only the lines that still need to be translated. When clicking export  the system wil generate a resx file.

A resx file is a XML file which is used for translations and can be edited in Visual Studio. There are also tools available for end user to easily edit a resx file without Visual Studio, since translators usually don’t have Visual Studio.

Posted by Alexander Ketelaar

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  1. Thanks for sharing, this might come in handy for future projects.
    Could you also do a post about the Translations file (with some sample xml) and how your experience was with it?

  2. Yes, you are right, we could install the Language Packs. But when you want to develop the multi-language UI, you could take a look at this article:

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